Club Dinghies for Hire

Club member without your own dinghy? Or Club member seeking a change from your own dinghy?
If so, this page is for you!


Starcross Yacht Club owns a fleet of dinghies available for use by Club members by prior arrangement (members may not simply help themselves).

You may hire for a four-hour slot or for a full day. The four-hour hire fee for each class of dinghy is shown below. All-day hire is counted as two four-hour slots (e.g. £30 per day for the Wayfarer).
  • Click on the coloured button below to request your booking online using the SYC Dinghy Hire Booking App.
  • While the Dinghy Hire Admin can make bookings on your behalf if absolutely necessary, making your own online booking means you have the ability to amend or cancel (up to a certain cut-off point) without involving the Hire Admin all over again.
As soon as the Dinghy Hire Admin confirms your booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for paying the hire fee online.
  • Fees apply to all hires. When your booking is confirmed, you will receive an automated email asking for payment. Please make sure you have paid before taking a boat from its berth.
  • Preferred method of payment is by bank transfer. We cannot at this time accept cash payments, and cheques will only be accepted by arrangement with the Dinghy Hire Admin.
  • Account details for payment are: 
    Account name: Starcross Yacht Club
    Account number: 02336065
    Sort code: 40-20-30
    Payment reference: your surname plus boat description, e.g. ‘FRYER_TOPPER’. (Do not use the reference sent to you by WebCollect for subscription payments - using that reference for boat hire could lead to your payment not being recognised.)
  • We regret we cannot offer refunds at this time. If adverse weather conditions prevent you from taking up your hire, please advise the Dinghy Hire Admin, who will raise a credit against your next hire.

By hiring an SYC dinghy you agree to:

  • Respect it as you would your own boat
  • Wash down, cover and tie down after use.
  • Wayfarer, Wanderer and Trios are to be stored with jib lowered and hidden under cover to protect from UV damage.
  • Inform the Club promptly of any damage by recording it via the SYC Fault Reporting system. Also report by email to the Dinghy Hire Admin. - this is important to ensure the next hirer has a seaworthy boat.
  • Safety-critical issues: report these via the SYC Fault Reporting system and advise the Dinghy Hire Admin directly in order to avoid placing the next user at risk.

SYC Hire Dinghy Fleet

Choice of six Topper single-hander dinghies @ £5 for four hours
Youth single-handers: Topper SYC T1 to SYC T6

Tried and tested single-hander for older children and teenagers, also sailable by adults. Toppers combine practicality and simplicity on the water with ease of handling when ashore.

The Toppers are located in the racks near the Ladies' changing rooms - each one's transom is marked with ‘SYC T1’...’SYC T6’ in red letters. Spars with sails & mainsheet are stored in the  tubes behind the cruiser tender toast-racks. Rudders and daggerboards are in the blue box nearby. Use one of the SYC launching trolleys which is marked with yellow paint and has a label saying "CLUB Topper". All of these items are interchangeable between all of our Topper hulls, so there is no need to wonder if you have got the correct item for a particular hull. There is a mix of 4.2 and 5.3 sails - choose the best one for your size and the weather conditions (the 5.3 sail goes all the way to the top of the mast; whereas the 4.2's sail (pictured) has a fabric tube for the top 60cm or so).  More details
  • Topper self-bailers are notoriously vulnerable to damage. Please ensure that the self-bailer is kept closed except when needed, and certainly close it before coming ashore.
Topper Rigging Guide
Step-by-step illustrated guide (downloadable PDF) to rigging your SYC Topper. Arrows and numbered parts to help you thread the mainsheet successfully first time. Some useful hints - and some requests to ensure that the next hirer, or the next Friday evening Junior trainee, can quickly find everthing the way it's supposed to be. Good sailing!
One Laser single-hander dinghy (with 4.7 / Radial / Full Rig) @ £10 for four hours
Choice of two RS Feva single/double-hander dinghies @ £15 for four hours
One Wayfarer dinghy @ £15 for four hours
One Wanderer dinghy @ £15 for four hours
Choice of three Comet Trio dinghies @ £15 for four hours
One Dart 15 (aka Sprint 15) catamaran @ £15 for four hours