RAG System

RAG System for Showing On Water Safety State


The State will be decided by the Race Officer (RA) or Officer of the Day (OOD) consulting with informed persons such as Commodore/ Vice Commodore/ Flag Officer/ Safety Boat Manager if necessary.  The Race Officer has the final say in these matters.

The state will be determined on the day by such factors as:

  • Weather forecast
  • Tidal state
  • Rate of tidal flow 
  • Wave height and direction
  • Competence of sailors going on the water
  • Time spent on the water, length of races
  • Ages of sailors/crew
  • Air and water temperatures and wind chill
  • Wind strength and direction and prediction of change during duration of race
  • Ratio of Number of dinghies/safety boats  
  • Light and visibility 


State Description Actions
REDMajor emergency due to seriously deteriorating weather
Safety boats unable to cope
Major injury or fatality
Call help from emergency services – AMBULANCE/COASTGUARD
RIB to use ch16 MayDay if appropriate
Senior club officer present takes charge of situation from Race Box
Appoint beachmaster to clear slipways urgently
Cas evac casualty to club by RIB, administer First Aid, use stretcher situated above workbench in the boatshed if necessary
Deal with casualty as the utmost priority
Inform next of kin (using database if necessary)
Abandon racing
Take names, addresses and contact details of all witnesses and then keep at club
Take statements from all witnesses
Ensure that ONLY a nominated Club Officer speaks to the press
Inform the RYA as soon as possible
RED / AMBERWind likely to be F6 gusting F7
Dinghies difficult to launch
Likely to be heavy cumulonimbus cloud cover
Rough conditions
Possible thunderstorms
Most boats capsize & have difficulty maintaining control
Many breakages
Most boats give up
Heavy squall passes through producing strong gusts most boats knocked down
Possible injuries which could be serious
Racing should be abandoned as risk to sailors too great.
Any who do go out will go out AT THEIR OWN RISK and safety boats will not be in attendance
In the case of thunderstorm, weather forecast should indicate possibility.
Boats should consider getting to the nearest safe shore and sailors should abandon the boats for safety
AMBER Wind likely to be F4-5 possibly gusting F6
Cumulonimbus cloud cover
Possible moderate to low visibility
Many capsizes and some breakages
Significant number of retirements
Possible injuries due to energy of weather
Ensure that safety boats all have capable drivers and crews
Launch 3rd safety boat with capable driver and crew
RA/OOD is especially alert in the Race Box and quickly identifies any unidentified capsizes to safety boats
RA or OOD should consider a small course/shortened course
RA/OOD keeps careful note of changing weather conditions/fitness of crews and considers abandoning race.
The multihull fleet should not be set a course which includes 18 or 21 Buoys or any other mark of the course south of Midway.
The course should enable the OOD and Race Box team to keep a clear visual check on all boats racing at all times
GREENWind up to F4
Cool – warm wind
Wave state calm to small
Water temperature acceptable
Occasional capsizes
No action required
2 safety boats for club racing
Race box keeps watch for capsizes & breakages