Galley Opening and Closing Procedures

Galley Opening Procedure

  • Hang your coats on the hooks provided behind the door.
  • Sign and fill in Hygiene Book on counter top next to the bar flap.This is a legal requirement and helps us keep our high standard award of 5 from Teignbridge District Council.
  • Read fire procedure for Galley and Bar (on back of Galley door)
  • Switch on galley and bar lights if required. Main light switch is behind fridge and microwave. Galley light switch is next to the coat hooks. Light switch over bar is on the rhs of the bar store door. Clubhouse lights, fans and party lights are behind the bar flap.
  • Switch on water heater. Timer switch is on the wall to the right of the cooker, instructions above it.
  • Switch on dishwasher. Switch on the wall to the right with operating instructions
  • In summertime the windows either end of the Galley and bar should be partially open on security stays. If not please open them. A step ladder is provided for this and is behind the door in the bar store.
  • You will have been sent the menu for the day. Please write this on the blackboard in the Clubhouse
  • Please use the aprons provided. These can be found in the large cupboard by back door


  • Clean all worksurfaces with antibacterial spray and blue paper towels which are in the dispenser above the washbasin.


Galley Closing Procedure

  • Drain and switch off the dishwasher and turn off wall switch
  • Put away dishes if dry, or leave to drain/air dry
  • Clean all surfaces with antibacterial spray and disposable blue paper towel.
  • Do not refreeze food that has been defrosted.
  • Sell off or give away any food left in the food warmer. This food cannot be frozen. If any cooked food is left over please dispose of it in the bin. Cake can be put in the fridge. Unused fresh bread rolls can be placed in freezer bags and placed in the freezer under the microwave,
  • Turn off the food warmer, open the glass doors both sides to let it cool before cleaning the surfaces with antibacterial spray and the glass surfaces with Glass Cleaner, both to be found under the sink.
  • Please do not leave any food including liquids on the counters. This would be welcomed by rodents!
  • Please tie off waste bags from the bins and place in the green waste bin under the race box steps. Replace the bin liner with a fresh one from the roll under the sinks.
  • Complete food hygiene form. Make sure you tick all the boxes required, and have carried out the procedures correctly. The form needs to be signed. Please make a note of anything that has run out, is low, faulty or broken or otherwise requires attention. It would be helpful if you could add any comments about the food served from members or email me with a short report <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
  • Any accidents or incidents to be reported in incident book found in Members' Room
  • In summer leave galley windows open on their security restraints as we have two freezers and three fridges operating which generate a lot of heat.


Please click here for a video guide to using the galley and bar.

Ian Purvis, Galley Co-ordinator
31 May 2023


Printer-friendly PDF of this document (NB printed manual available on Galley counter)