Open Meeting Catering

  • It is the responsibility of the fleet captains to find non sailing members and organise catering within the fleet.There needs to be 1 person in the galley with the food and hygiene certificate if handling food directly

  • It is helpful to have someone on the bar for the money and hot and cold drinks

  • The day should be divided with two crews rostered overlapping

  • Please be at the club 2 hours before the event starts as breakfast is required

  • Please contact organiser for an idea of numbers but remember that there will be visitors and non sailors

  • Contact John Allen regarding numbers of safety boat and committee boat members that will need cooked breakfast and packed lunch as on water all day. Check vegetarian needs

  • Contact Sarah Peat regarding buying large packs of bacon and ask someone to take out of freezer to defrost the night before. Ask her to check we have plenty of pasties and pies and sausage rolls and bottled water



  • If racing starts 11.00 – 12.00am then bacon butties required beforehand for for the safety boat and committee boat crews ( Vegetarians can have an egg bap if needed)

  • Bacon butties for the members ( Vegetarians can have an egg bap if needed)

  • If racing starts before this time then full breakfast can be made available for the safety boat and committee boat crews e.g (Cooked breakfast for rescue boat crews – e.g 2 x rashers of bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, baked beans, 1 round of toast. Tea/coffee)

  • Bacon butties for the members ( Vegetarians can have an egg bap if needed)

  • It is always a good idea to fry up a small amount first to get the punters in once they smell the bacon frying

  • A packed lunch in a plastic food bag is required for the Safety Boat Crew this needs to be done at least an 1 1/2 hours before race starts as they will be going out ( if you want you can do these the day before and just put the rolls in on the day and bring with you if easier).

  • Please ensure there are labels on the lunch bags as to the roll contents ie ham cheese egg

  • 1 bap (cheese or ham), 1 bag crisps, Apple or Banana,1 individual cake, 1 choc bar ( eg penguin,)and carton of fruit juice


  • For racers a selection of Baps could be provided ie bacon, cheese, ham, tuna mayo with some lettuce inside. some pasties /Sausage rolls could be put in to warm ( check numbers of entries), and cheesy chips

  • Check if the races are back to back as if so not many racers will want lunch just visitors and early retirees

  • A selection of cakes Shop bought or homemade but plenty of it (Homemade always goes down nicely.

  • The club has some long life cakes and a variety of biscuits if you run out

We aim to make a modest profit for the club and need to keep an eye on what is being bought and what you want to sell it for . ( Sarah Peat can add food items to the Square terminal. Please have one person in overall charge of the catering and invoices and keep all receipts , scan and send all receipts together to Basil Strickland with your bank details to refund you.