The Rules

This pages provides links to all the rules that apply to our club racing. The Racing Rules of Sailing provide the foundation of rules for all sailboat races, but some of these may be modified or interpreted by the SYC Sailing Instructions or the RYA's National Prescriptions.

Sailing Instructions

The combined Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for all club racing. Event specific documents are produced for open meetings and other special events.

Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024

The current international rules for sailboat racing published by the World Sailing organisation covering the period 2021-2024. These rules form the foundation of all racing at SYC.

SYC Dispute Procedure

Inevitably there will be occasions in a self-policed sport that there will be disputes about rules observance.  The dispute procedures followed at SYC are described here - including the alternatives to holding full protest meetings  [ Under Construction ]

RYA National Prescriptions (2021-2024)

This is the RYA's interpetation of some elements of the 2021-2024 version of the Racing Rules of Sailing to be used in races held in the UK, and they also form part of our Sailing Instructions