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Return of the weekly forum digest email

A few years back, the Starcross Yacht Club website had a fairly popular "weekly forum digest" email that members could sign up for. You'd get a summary of posts to all the SYC forum categories you were interested in, in your email inbox once a week. Unfortunately, the functionality had to be "pulled" from the site as it had a few too many bugs.

However, it's back in a new incarnation with hopefully fewer bugs!

How to sign up
See the menu item highlighted in red

To try it out you will need to be signed on to the website. Then go to the forum digest sign up page. Select as few or as many forum categories as you are interested in.

You can also, optionally, see and change which forum categories you get emails for when there are new posts in those categories (but only a few people currently make use of that).

It's also super easy to unsubscribe if you decide this isn't for you. The bottom of each weekly email has an "Unsubscribe" link that will remove your email subscriptions with just two clicks (and you don't even need to be logged on to do it).

So why not give it a go? Especially if you don't visit the SYC website too often, it could be a good way to find out what is happening elsewhere in the club.