racemanager SAILOR

rm_Sailor is part of the raceManager software package which SYC uses to manage dinghy racing at the club.  The software attempts to make the job of running races easier for Race Officers.  An important element of this simplification is collecting boat details and race entries (sign-ons) using a web browser - removing entirely the task of entering boats for the Race Officer.

The two main reasons you will use rm_Sailor are to:
  • REGISTER a boat you intend to race (only when you want to sail a different boat)
  • CHANGE crew or sailnumber details for an individual race (temporary changes)
  • ENTER a registered boat into a specific race. (each time you race)
  • UPDATE the details for your registered boats (e.g. new sail number, permanent change of crew)
You can access the application in the Members Room - the door on the right hand side of the BoatHouse.

Further details are provided in the User Guide, Video Demonstration and Demonstration System which are linked below.

Important:  When using rm_Sailor It is useful to understand what SYC means by a "competitor" for the purposes of scoring a race/series.  Put simply it is a "named class + a named helm".  So Fred Flintstone sailing an RS400 could compete in a series sailing any RS400 with a single registration - but Betty Rubble would need to register separate boats if she wished to race her Laser with both full and radial rigs.
rm_sailor station for race entry
rm_Sailor station in Members Room

User Guide

Short PDF document describing how to use the rm_Sailor application

Video Guide

Video presentation on the rm_Sailor application

Demonstration Version

Have a play with the demo version of rm_Sailor