Slipway storm boards

There's a change of procedure relating to putting the storm boards in the south slipway over winter. 

For the last few years, the storm boards have been put in place by default over the winter months. While helping to protect the club from winter storms, the rest of the time it makes winter sailing more arduous - especially for solo day sailors.

Going forward, a new "storm board monitor" has been found who will ensure that the storm boards are put in place when needed - based on an agreed set of rules around the expected height of tide and the forecast wind strength and direction.

Please can you now:

  • be aware that the storm boards do not, by default, need to be put in the southern slipway after your sail
  • but, if the storm boards are in place when you go sailing, please ensure they are replaced after your sail
  • note that if the storm boards being out is important to your sailing plans, please check on the SYC members logged in home page before leaving home as they may go in at short notice or during "storm board monitor" absences

In the picture below, you can hopefully see a "widget" (red - on the right) that shows that the storm boards are "in place" so help may be needed by solo sailors when launching. Also, it means that the boards must be put back in place after your winter sail.



If the storm boards are not in, the SYC logged in members home page will look as follows (again - look for the "Storm Boards" section on the right hand side).