SYC Champions

Over the years SYC members have achieved success on the national dinghy sailing scene in many classes. 

Ultimately SYC would like to put up a plaque at SYC for those members who have won world, european and national sailing championships. To this end, please post on the SYC website forum if you know of any entries that are missing from the list below.

YearChampionship Class
2019European ChampionshipsAero 9Greg Bartlett 
2018European ChampionshipsHornetRichard GarrySam Woolner
2017National ChampionshipsJ88 Matt Reeves
2016European ChampionshipsAero 9Richard Watsham 
2015National ChampionshipsJ88 Matt Reeves
2015Inland National ChampionshipsHurricane 5.9Doug SmithJamie King
2014European ChampionshipsHornetWill McGrathSam Woolner
2012European ChampionshipHornetRichard GarryMatt McGrath
2012UK Great Grand MasterLaser RadialMichael Kinnear 
2011European Great Grand MasterLaser RadialMichael Kinnear 
2011UK Great Grand MasterLaser RadialMichael Kinnear 
2010European ChampionshipHornetRichard GarryJames Beer
2010European Great Grand MasterLaser RadialMichael Kinnear 
2010UK Great Grand MasterLaser RadialMichael Kinnear 
2009National ChampionshipMerlin Rocket Olly Turner
2009World ChampionshipLaser 2Nigel SkudderKeith Hills
2009UK Great Grand MasterLaser RadialMichael Kinnear 
2008European ChampionshipLaser 2Nigel SkudderKeith Hills
2007World championshipLaser 2Nigel SkudderKeith Hills
2007National championshipsHornetRichard GarryMatthew McGrath
1996European championshipsDartDavid BartlettJo Bartlett
1996National championshipsDartDavid BartlettJo Bartlett
1993National championshipsDartPaul BartlettNicky Sheperd
1992European championshipsDartPaul BartlettNicky Sheperd
1991National championshipsDartPaul BartlettNicky Sheperd
1990National championshipsHornetPaul KelleyDavid Leeder
1986National championshipsSeaflyAlan BrookePaul Kelley
1985National championshipsLarkPaul RabyAndrew Vickery