Starcross Yacht Club Moorings

SYC yacht on the moorings
From the Club premises at Powderham Point, on the west bank of the Exe Estuary, there is all-tide access to the adjacent area of water known as the Salmon Pool, in which our members have moorings with mostly between 0.5 to 1.5m of water at Low Water Springs. This mooring area is surrounded by a similar number of semi-drying moorings. Whilst locally managed by SYC, the right to lay and use a mooring in this area is by annual licence from Powderham Castle Estate. 

We also have a small group of semi-drying moorings further downstream in the Perch Pool which are licensed directly by SYC.

We often have a few moorings available, mostly suited to bilge keels or lifting keels and mostly for boats up to 29ft LOA. Boats that can take the ground are at an advantage in the shallow waters of the Exe. For more information contact the Cruiser Secretary (Moorings). The Pool area, adjacent to our grounds, is sheltered from the prevailing Westerly winds. We are about a mile upstream from Starcross village and about 4 miles from the open sea at Exmouth. Most moorings are only a short row to our slipway and main club house, which is the only realistic access to this area.
SYC club and moorings - early Spring 2023

Starcross Yacht Club - Cruiser Rules

Yacht owners must have either a Powderham Castle or Starcross Yacht Club licence and keep their mooring buoyed, named and numbered. If not, the club has Powderham Castle's authority to re-allocate the space to another member and/or request removal of hardware.

You are responsible for maintaining the mooring tackle, safely mooring your boat and ensuring that your boat is not a hazard to other craft and mooring users. Moorings should comply with the club’s guideline specifications.

If you wish to retain rights to a mooring/location but are temporarily without a boat this can be achieved by licensing with either Powderham Castle or Starcross Yacht Club at the 19ft rate. However, we often have demand for moorings and would not want to have moorings left unused for an extended period.

All boats must have valid third party insurance to a value of at least £3 million.

You must keep the Cruiser Secretary informed of any change of contact details. Telephone numbers will be posted in the Members' Room, so that you can be contacted in an emergency.

Anyone interested in buying or selling their mooring should contact the Cruiser Secretary (moorings), who maintains an up-to-date list of moorings available at the Club.