Info about website upgrade (part 1)

Info about website upgrade (part 1)

You may have seen an earlier article saying that the SYC website will be upgraded sometime round the end of June. That's still on track. It is primarily a "technology update" rather than a "relaunch" of the whole website so please don't expect dramatic changes!

That said, there will be a few noticeable changes and these will be covered in another article in a few days time.

This article, however, is to highlight a few things that will occur in the run up to the changeover.

  • there will be a "content freeze" from Monday 26th June until after the updated site has gone live (see below for dates)
  • this means that there should be no new articles created and none updated during that period. If this causes you a problem, please let me know
  • there will, however, be no "freeze" on the forum so its fine to create new posts and reply to others during this period (as there is an automated process for copying forum posts across to the new site)
  • the SYC website will be upgraded sometime between Monday 3rd July and Wednesday 5th July. So please don't rely on the SYC website being online/available during this period. In practice, if things go well, the change over will probably only take a few hours

Any questions / issues - please get in contact.


Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash