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2021 Programme

1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #1 by Mark Elkington
2021 Programme was created by Mark Elkington

I have just posted the first three months of he 2021 programme on the website ( HERE ).  Given the continuing uncertainties due to the COVID pandemic, the Sailing Committee felt that extending the programme any further would not be useful.  We have, however, been discussing open meeting dates etc, so that we can publish the rest of the programme as soon as we have a clear picture of what will be possible.

You will notice that the major change in the Frostbite period, is the replacement of the Starcross Steamer with the postponed RNLI Pursuit Race.  The Sailing Committee and Ben Cutler-Sharp agreed that trying to run a meeting for 100 boats including many visitors in February would not be appropriate.  The good news is that we do plan to run the Steamer in late October or early November (2021 only).

To check if you have a duty in the new programme - just type your surname into the search box.  You will also notice that we have a few two-race days and there are no duties allocated to the second race on each day - the people allocated duties for the fist race will cover both races.  As it is winter we will be keeping the races short on those days.


(printable version attached below)

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