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Club Racing - Risk Assessment

1 week 3 days ago#7543by Paul Kelley
Club Racing - Risk Assessment was created by Paul Kelley
Dear Racing Members, the Sailing Committee is currently reevaluating the club’s risk assessing for our individual club races throughout the year .

The system that we have used for some years now and known as the “RAG” system, was kindly produced and introduced by John Allen and Tony Blackmore . This is essentially a Red, Amber, Green ( Red Emergency ) traffic light system, with specific wind strength and conditions assigned to each colour . 

Please see attached a picture of the “ RAG “, which is always available in the race box race management file, for the OOD’s to refer to . The Sailing Committee is keen to highlight this to OOD’s and promote its regular use . This system conforms with the RYA’s current “ best practice “ recommendation and policy, surrounding risk assessments for club racing nationally .

Should you as the OOD be unsure of how to interpret the risk assessment and or how to use and apply it, please do seek advice from any senior officer, present on any given race day . Officers and members of the Sailing Committee will of course be only to willing and happy to support you with this .

Should anyone like clarification on how the “ RAG” operates, please do speak to myself, the Flag Captain, the Sailing Secretary, John Allen as our Safety Boat Manager or in fact, any club officer or member of the SC and we will be only to happy to advise you . 

With very many thanks for your kindest consideration and continued support,

SYC Sailing Committee.



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1 week 3 days ago#7544by John Allen
Replied by John Allen on topic Club Racing - Risk Assessment RAG System
The RAG System Risk Assessmnet is published on the website here:
I will investigate Major Incident Plan on Sunday.

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