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Leisure Sailing Sign On

1 year 1 month ago #1 by Ian Purvis
Leisure Sailing Sign On was created by Ian Purvis
Although there have been a couple of negative comments about this new system, it appears that it is generally accepted. So much so that the demand for ID cards has exceeded expectations. 80 of the original batch of 100 cards have been used which left some members without cards on Bank Holiday Monday. Apologies for that. The 11 names entered on the paper list have been added to the photo files. The card holder has been refilled and more cards have been ordered. Spare cards and bands are now in a marked container in the bottom drawer of the galley drawer cabinet.
Just a reminder that cards should be attached to your launching trolley before going afloat so that others know who is on the water. The cards should be reused on your next outing. One click and away!

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1 year 1 month ago #2 by Alistair Glen
Replied by Alistair Glen on topic Leisure Sailing Sign On
Good to see that the new system has achieved a good rate of adoption so quickly. I wonder why it is more popular than writing on a sheet of paper?

Anyway...a 'failing' (or should we call it an 'opportunity for development'?), is that the new system doesn't give any indication as to when a boat went afloat. Do we worry because a quick hour's sail has turned into a problem at the river mouth and the boat is now two hours overdue? I appreciate that the old sheets only gave a time of departure but that was at least a clue as to what was going on. If we are genuinely concerned about the whereabouts of casual sailors perhaps we ought to introduce a system that records information such as intended destination and ETR, with that information easily available to anybody who has a concern about a lonely trolley.

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1 year 1 month ago #3 by Vyv Game
Replied by Vyv Game on topic Leisure Sailing Sign On
Hi Alistair

This system is a stop gap before we introduce a tablet/mobile based system, so we wanted it to be quite easy to use. The issue is how we access the inputted (is that a word?) information easily so in our next iteration we will have to look at that.

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1 year 1 month ago #4 by Franco Marenco
Replied by Franco Marenco on topic Leisure Sailing Sign On
Can anyone please update me on the most general points of signing on when sailing? Sorry if I am not up-to-date: I have mainly been racing, when sign on is done on RaceManager. Recently I went for a sail twice outside the normal racing and so I discovered the new system. This however raises a few questions for me:

- what is ultimately the purpose of the system: is it to record who sails for admin purposes, or is it for safety?
- if it is for safety, then who has access to the information, and how often is it checked?
- do we need to sign on with the new system if we go for free sailing? or is there a different method to let the safety boats know who is out sailing?
- how do we sign off, once we have returned?



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